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HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter - Purchase

(date: Dec 20, 2014)

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I like the Tarot 680 Y6 conversion that I currently have but it is still a little bigger than what I want. Plus it is bit an over kill to lift a gimbal with a gopro camera. I did some searching on the web to see what other options I have and the HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter came up.

In addition to the frame he included 2 distribution boards and one of them even has a built in BEC.
HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter - Purchased


As you can see in the picture, with the arms folded in the frame is pretty small.
HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter - Purchased


With the arms extended I can fit 13" props but I might be fit even larger props if I wanted to.HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter - Purchased


I also like how it has rail system on the bottom of the frame for me to mount the landing gear and gimbal.
HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter - Purchased


The view from the top show some of the interesting cutouts, because it looks kind of like a transformer logo.
HJ-H4 Reptile Quadcopter - Purchased

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