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Melamine table top

(the table saw rebuild)

(date: August 12, 2007)

After installing the new Biesemeyer commercial fence, i wanted to dress up the table saw and give it more workable space. What better than to replace the weak steel wings with the flat and smooth melamine boards.

Fist I needed to build a strong base for the boards to sit on. I went to home depot and bought some cheap douglus fir 2x4 studs. Cut them to the lenght I wanted (31" long and 25 1/2" wide - that is with the lap joints factored in), then ran it through the thickness planer to make them all the size size. Next I ripped both side of the 2x4 to get rid of the bevel edges. Finally I cut some lap joint on the ends and assembled everything.

I had to use a forstner bit to drill a hole deep enough for the wood screw to reach the table top. I used the longest wood screws that I had in the shop already, 3 inch #8

Here is how the table looks with the right and left wings replaced with melamine tops. Next, i will cut a hole to drop in my router table.

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