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Volant Cold Air Intake

(date: January 03, 2009)

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This is what I received in the mail from ebay, a used Volant cool air intake kit for $156.50. Typically this intake kit retail for about $300 shipped, so half off for a used kit is not too bad, right?

The truck currently has 31,385 miles on it and I will see if it affects the gas mileage in any way. Of course the way I drive will defiantly make a difference.

Volant cool air intake -  what i got from ebay

This is how the stock intake looks like.

Stock intake setup for 2006 Nissan Titan Se 4X4

After taking out the stock intake here is a comparison of the two intakes. For the most part they both look pretty similar.

Volant cool air intake and Stock intake

I think the main difference between the two intakes are the box and filter.

Volant and Stock air box compared

The Volant air box also has room of upgrades. Do you see the black cap at the bottom of the air box? If I uncap it there is a hole where I can plug a ram air kit in to it.

Volant Air box with Ram air upgrade option

After 15 minutes of work, I finally got the intake in. This is without a manual either, so you can image how easy it was to install it. This kit is by far easier to install compared to my 2000 F150, not to say it was hard to install. The Volant kit is that quick and easy to install.

Like from my previous experience with intake kits, you will NOT see big gains; and if you do it is more of a psychological thing. The only night and day difference is the sound. At idle and light to moderate acceleration it sounds about the same, but once you punch it or go past 3000rpm you will hear it roar.

Volant cool air intake -  Installed

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